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Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign. Obviously, the results were less than hoped for. It has been an honor to go out into the district and advocate for the children of the district.

I tried to run a positive campaign that reached out to as broad a population as possible. Looking at the results data and conversations with voters it appears that support was coming fairly evenly split between concerns with the special education department and people with general ideological concerns about what was happening in the district, with a distinct segment supportive of refinancing the 2012 bonds at the new lower interest rate to support repairs and renovations without the need for a new bond.

This election is nonpartisan, as it should be. I as happy to see that focusing on special education, fiscal responsibility with bonds, meeting people where they are was able to bring a politically diverse group of voters together.

Campaigns are all consuming time wise, so I am going to take a couple of days to spend time with family and gather my thoughts before planning for the future.

Again, thank you.

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