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Concerns About Altered Images

When I filed to run for HISD my intention was to run a positive, issue driven, substantive campaign and be transparent. All my actions before, and since, have been with that overriding guiding principle in mind. As of November 3 I have been out of the race, and other than a post here thanking everyone for their support I have been careful to not engage with the runoff election between Holly and Kendall. I've not engaged to the point that I've sat on my opposition research to avoid being seen as attempting to influence the result.

However, as a voter in the district I am very concerned with the persistent deception shown by Kendall in the runoff. On November 14th Kendall's camp released altered images appearing to show support for his campaign in the community.

November 14 social media post

The bottom pictures are a poor quality editing of a stock picture. The stock picture and edit are below.

Stock picture

Logo edited on stock picture

The picture editing was noted on social media. Did this dissuade future behavior? No. On November 28, in a call to go vote early, another edited image was posted online.

November 28 social media post

Same pattern, the edited stock picture to show the illusion of community support was placed in the bottom left hand corner.

Stock image

However, this time, disturbed by the ongoing use of altered images I did address the issue.

Comment addressing the altered image.

The response was to hide my comment so it was not visible for others to see. Since there is an active movement to cover up the deceptive activity I'm publishing it here for sunlight purposes so everyone can decide on their own how this impacts their view of him - if at all.

How hard is it to go out in the community and get real pictures? If I were trying to influence the election results I would release the opposition research that I did on both the candidates. That hasn't occurred since my goal is, and always has been, to run an issue driven, substantive, transparent, positive campaign. I am, however, greatly disturbed by both the sophomoric behavior as well as the overt attempts to cover for the behavior.

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