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Implement global policies that view every student through the prism of maximum potential. by supporting each student according to their individual needs and circumstances.

Male Teacher with Students

As an HISD Trustee, I will serve the district and empower teachers and administrators to craft specific solutions to problems facing our school district. Our primary goal as board members is to foster an environment of cooperation to achieve common goals so that all students can achieve success and we can maintain local control of our schools and campuses.  A diversity of opinions leads to better outcomes and we must strive to work together from the areas of common problems.  

Treating our students as individuals rather than by racial and economic labels ensures that our students and our community succeeds.   With open lines of communication and working in an environment that is focused on finding solutions,  our Board can work together to give our students the education and tools they need in todays fast paced and growing world.  

Our underperforming campuses did not become that way overnight, but they can be improved by consistent and incremental improvements and growth.  As your HISD Trustee, I will work to put all of school campuses on a pathway to success by generating additional funds through Medicaid, solicit input from our teachers and administrators on a campus to campus basis in regards to their specific needs, and ensure that our district is appropriately educating our disabled students under section 48.102.

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